Management Checklist - no GDPR

One of the things that made a big difference to my business (both money and time) was when I introduced structure around the management of social media for my clients.  

Firstly I was offering a service which so many other social media people didn't - for example when they said they managed social media, they meant they posted content and then reacted to any comments, they weren't being proactive! This mean't I could charge more!

Secondly bringing in the structure meant that I saved time because I was more organised when managing social media. No longer did I lose hours when going to check a notification or worry when I last did something. When I was able to bring on a team, the process was already in place and easy to hand over. This mean't I saved so much time!

Introducing the social media management checklists




How I use social media management checklists

When I meet with a client we decide on the level of management required, I am then able to use the sheets to show them the level of management and activites we will be carrying out. 

I then pass this sheet on to a member of the team so they can follow the actions and schedule the work.